There’s nowhere like it on the planet for wildlife, wild lands and rich traditions that endure. Prepare to fall in love.

Delicious Cape Verde – Sal and Boa Vista

Fancy a delicious relaxing holiday? Then I recommend that you go to Cape Verde. You can here vast white sandy beaches and find luxury resorts. The special thing about Cape Verde is that besides luxury resorts there and an airport there are only a few villages and otherwise the islands exist just from sand, mountains and rocks. Don't worry! There are plenty of...

Marrakech: The magical 1001-night city

Morocco, the land of hospitality, delicious cuisine and warm summers. Do you want to experience all this? Then go to Marrakech. This beautiful city is only 3.5 hours of flying from the Netherlands and you are right in a completely different, magical world. It's a city that can definitely be chaotic, but it's also a city that's really cool to visit. Did...