Zest For Life – Raw Vegan Food

Okay, I've had this little tent a few weeks ago, maybe even months, getting to know and I'm a fan! It's raw vegan food. This means that everything is raw and therefore not cooked. According to Zest, raw food is not hype, but a trend. The flavours are much more intense than with cooked food, the improves your health and ensures a better balance between body and Spirit. The food is not heated above 42 degrees Celsius, so enzymes and nutrients are not broken down and your body needs the necessary can absorb nutrients optimally. Raw food consists mainly of fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. For this reason raw food is also called 'alive food.

This place is not so well known – good for us! – but it is getting busier. If you want to be sure of a place, you can always call for a reservation. Recently, the tent also open for dinner. In recent months, Zest For Life has kind of new restart made. It's been a little less lately, but by renewing some things, but with maintaining the same concept is this place again a real hotspot. You can be here with nice weather sit outside in the cute courtyard and otherwise of course tasty sitting inside. Zest doesn't really stand out from the outside and therefore it's only known to people who know, as you do now!

What I especially like about Zest is that everything tastes so good and has a really distinct taste, which I sometimes miss at vegan restaurants. They have super tasty smoothies (the cocoa is highly recommended), currently a cashew quiche on the menu, my favo breakfast: an acaï bowl and the vegan platter is super cozy to share.. It's like a kind of healthy tapas! When you get to Zest more often, you'll soon know the cosy staff and they'll tell you about the new creations for that night's dinner. Smoothies, juices soups, coffee and very tasty pie.. Everything is fresh, organic, vegan and raw! Oh and they also have alkaline water nowadays (a kind of filtered way of water that's even better for you), they use it for everything: coffee, tea, smoothies, water and soups.

Zest For Life, Raw Food – van Baerlestraat 45 (opening times: tue-free: 08.00-21.00 Sat-so: 10am-21.00)

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