Vintage in Amsterdam? These are the nicest shops!

Vintage! I love it. Not everyone likes it but if you like it, Amsterdam really has a few shops that you have to visit (you don't have to do anything of course). Some are local shops and there are also international shops in between. Anyway, this is the list I always go off when I want to score a new outfit!

1). Marbles Vintage & Design Amsterdam

This vintage store has three branches in Amsterdam, on the Haarlemmerdijk (Centrum/Jordaan), Ferdinand Bolstraat (De Pijp) and on the Staalstraat (Centre). The last location in the list is new and I haven't visited yet, so I can't judge (yet). The other two find I TOP. Not too big, not too small, uncluttered and most importantly: I Think the style is super cool – of course that's very personal. Marbles offers – as they say – the best chosen vintage items for a good price and a large selection of leather bags and shoes, each unique.

Marbles Vintage & Design Amsterdam Centrum Jordaan – Haarlemmerdijk 64, 1013 JE Amsterdam (open daily 11am-19.00)

Marbles Vintage & Design De Pijp – Ferdinand Bolstraat 28, 1072 LA Amsterdam (open daily 11am-7pm)

Marbles Vintage & Design Centre – Staalstraat 30, 1011 JM Amsterdam (open daily 11am-7pm)

2). Episode

Yes Episode is probably among the Vintage lovers among us Known. This concept is not only in Amsterdam, but in a lot of cities including Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris and Antwerp. I'm a fan! In addition to the many shops in Amsterdam and 4 other cities in Amsterdam I have the shops also visited in Paris and they never disappoint me. Episode is actually a bit of a valhalla. The shops are often larger, the collections more extensive and They really have everything. Coats, hats, bags, sweaters, hems, shoes, bathing suits and so on. Many People Also Go to Episode to a Second-hand Levi's pants score. How they get them vintage? The vintage clothing donated to various Charity, they sell to Episode. Episode then looks at what clothes they can use and which clothes they can recycle. All second-hand and very durable!

Episode – Multiple locations in Amsterdam

3). We Are Vintage

This store is located in – how convenient? – West & East Amsterdam. I myself am only familiar with the location on kinkerstraat and I Really like this location. It is a quiet shop with lots of space, fitting rooms, large and clear mirrors and nice staff. They have a lot of things – also very cool cowboy boots at the moment. We Are Vintage focuses on 80s, 90, 00 and A-choice vintage clothing (60, 70). In addition to clothing, they also offer vintage accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes and sunglasses.

We Are Vintage West – Kinkerstraat 193, 1053 DR Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-Wed: 11am-7pm, thu: 11am-21.00, fri-sun: 11am-7pm)

We Are Vintage East – First of Swindenstraat 43, 1093 EV Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-Wed: 11am-7pm, thu: 11am-21.00, fri-sun: 11am-7pm)


4). Zipper

Zipper has several locations and also organizes sometimes events at the NDSM shipyard with Sample Sales and are on every Monday the Northern Market. In the Northern Market they sell the stuff that either not in the stores fit or is not sold in the shops. You will understand that the prices are therefore market prices (yes!). Zipper's spot on the Northern Market is on the Prinsengracht side of the Noordermarkt square. Zipper already exists more than 30 years – "from posh to punk". They offer a selection of second-hand and vintage from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's for both men and women. Are you shopping in the 9 streets, visit the Zipper immediately, there is a branch there!

Zipper 'Damstraat' Store – Nieuwe Hoogstraat 8, 1011 HE Amsterdam (opening hours: Mon: 12.00-6.30pm, tue-Sat: 11am-6.30pm, sun: 13.00-6.30pm)

Zipper 'Warehouse Sale' – S. van Riemsdijkweg 55, 1033 RC Amsterdam North, NDSM Werf (organised events)

Zipper 9 Streets' Store – Huidenstraat 7, 1016 ER Amsterdam (opening times: Mon: 12 am-6.30pm, tue-wed: 11am-6.30pm, thu: 11am-20.00, fri-Sat: 11am-6.30pm, sun: 13.00-6.30pm)

Zipper on the Northern market – only on Mondays


5). Rumors Vintage & Design

This store has one location, located on the Haarlemmerstraat (Centrum / Jordaan). Here too I have been super nice items scored! In addition to clothing, Rumors also has shoes and accessories such as sunglasses and lots of choice of earrings. The vintage they offer starts since the 1940s & up. The Haarlemmerstraat is a must-visit if you are in Amsterdam and since the Marbles are also located here is a good reason for a visit, so.

Rumors Vintage & Design – Haarlemmerstraat 99B, 1013 EM Amsterdam (Opening times: Mon-Wed: 11.00-19.00, thu: 11am-21.00, fri-so: 11am-7pm).

6). Kiloshop

In this store you can buy your vintage – yes how surprising – per Pounds. Whether this is cheaper or more expensive? I have no idea, the prices are in any case determined on the basis of kilos. Prices range from €25, €35 up to €45 per kilo. De Kiloshop has two branches in Amsterdam, at the Waterloo Square and in De Pijp. I myself am familiar with the establishment in De Pijp and I really like the shop: quiet, clear and plenty of choice. There was first also coffee served, but they don't do that anymore. The store Looks super cute from the outside with plants and because it's on the corner sitting with the door open invites it very much to go in – and I have Never regret that!

Kiloshop Waterlooplein – Jodenbreestraat 158, 1011 NS Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm, so: 11.30-18.00).

Kiloshop De Pijp / Penny Lane Vintage – 11C, First van der Helststraat, 1073 AA Amsterdam (Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm, so: 12.00-18.00)


Not enough vintage shopped yet? Take a look at Jutka and Riska, WaterlooPlein (market), IJ halls (market), Laura Dols and 1953 retro and Chic.

Lots of shop fun! What's your favorite store?


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