Venice in 1 weekend: must sees

Venice. Besides Paris, this is the second European city of love. What things should you do when you go to Venice for a midweek or weekend? These are the must sees.

Venice. Besides Paris, this is the second European city of love. Not for nothing is Venice a popular city for a city break and weekend away. But what things should you do now if you go to Venice for a midweek or weekend? These are the must sees.

1. Campo del Ghetto

Venice is a city that is 24/7 in motion. Escape the crowds for a while when you spend a weekend in Venice? Then go to Campo del Ghetto. This is a beautiful and especially quiet part of the city with an unprecedented history. And did you know that the word "ghetto" originates here? Wh
at is special about this district is that it is completely surrounded by channels. In short, Campo del Ghetto is a closed district that you can only reach through 3 bridges and gates. At the Jewish Museum, you can book a guide who tells you more about the synagogues that the district knows, but also hidden treasures.

2. Musica a Palazzo

Venice breathes opera! One of the most famous operas is La Fenice in Venice. But if you want an opera card from this Venetian musical theatre, you have to dig hard. A great alternative is therefore Musica la Palazzo. Even if you've never been to an opera or the Italian language isnot powerful, Musica a Palazzo is a fantastic experience. The operas are set in a real palace. Together with the opera singers and singers you move from one room to another. In each room there is a different scene. Intimate, intense and above all: not too long.

3. Giardini Pubblici

Over a weekend of Venice you can stroll through small, picturesque streets. And of course, a walk on the Grand Canal should not be missed either. However, if you stay in Venice for two or more days, you should certainly visit the Giardini Pubblici city park. Especially on beautiful, sunny days, Giardini Pubblici is a nice place to unwind. The city park consists of 2 halves: the gardens overlooking the water, surrounded by trees and gardens, and seating areas that form a pleasant contrast to the center of Venice.

4. Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Scuola Grande di San Rocco is located in the Venetian district of San Polo. In the 16th century Scuola Grande di San Rocco was built. The Scuola is the building of the eponymous brotherhood that was founded in 1478 in honor of saint Rochus (San Rocco). In this museum you will be overwhelmed by the immense range of Venetian works of art. The large hall with masterpieces on the plafon is incredibly impressive. An absolute must see in the list of places that fully illuminate the grandeur of Venice.

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