Tour World War II Berlin

If you want to go to Berlin to find traces of World War II, you have to look for it. In the Second World War, Berlin was hit hard. Due to the many bombings, the city was almost completely destroyed. Still, there's still a little history just on the street. And these are the 5 WWII-must sees.

1. The Jewish Museum

Lindenstraße 9-14

In the Jewish museum you will learn more about Jewish culture. In addition, some of the sights on the Holocaust dedicated. The building is already worth watching. The shape of the building is that of a Davidsster.

2. Reichstag building

Platz der Republik 1

In the Reichstag, the German Parliament Located. During The Second World War, this building was an important goal red army. After the war, the Reichstag was restored. Since 1991, the weather the German Parliament Building. If you want a tour, you need to sign up on www.bundestag.de. Please note that the number of places is limited. On the roof terrace of the Reichstag you have a great view over Berlin, by the way.

3. Sachsenhausen

Straße der Nationen 22

Near Berlin you can find former Sachsenhausen concentration camp. This was deported in World War II, which Hitler described as inferior. Between 30,000 and 50,000 people were killed in this place. Since 1961, the concentration camp has served as a museum and monument.

3. Holocaust monument

Cora-Berliner-Straße 1

The Holocaust monument in Berlin reminds us to the murdered European Jews at the time of The Second World War. Over six million Jews have fallen victim to the Holocaust. You think it's Holocaust-Monument between the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz. The monument designed by Peter Eisenman and consists of an impressive field with concrete blocks and an underground information centre.

4. The Führerbunker

In the Ministergärten

Actually, the Germans didn't want memories keep to this bunker. However, so many tourists arrived at this location that an information board was placed in 2006. In the Führerbunker Hitler spent the last days of his life. In the film Der Üntergang you can See what it looked like at the time.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and a popular destination for city breaks. Not only does the city have many sights related to World War II, but also the vibrant nightlife is famous. Are you going to take a city trip to Berlin soon? Book your stay at LetsStay.

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