These are the best places for falafel in Amsterdam.

Falafel are fried balls made based on Chickpeas. Often other vegetables and different herbs are Added. Falafel is a good alternative for vegetarians, but also The meat eaters is a falafel sandwich a must-try. Now I'm a coincidence addicted to falafel, so good for you: I share my favorite falafel restaurants with you!

Where falafel comes from is not entirely clear.. According to some, it was conceived for Kopten in Egypt to meat substitute. In addition, falafel is also often said that falafel originates from Israel, Palestine, Lebanon or Syria. An eternal struggle, so I'd rather not comment on it!

Falafel can be eaten: on a salad or as a falafel sandwich. It is sold at shawarma business in the form of fast food, but also in restaurants where it more chic is served. A hummus sandwich is my personal favorite! This consists of a pita bun with falafel, often with hummus (based on tahin) or garlic sauce and vegetables.


This is a takeaway shop in the middle of the Pipe in Amsterdam. The owner Sonny (his real name is Singha) has different things on the menu. His homemade, unique and gluten-free falafel is served on a pita bun. You can choose from different sauce additions such as eggplant and hummus. The eggplant is a homemade "hummus" spread and is highly recommended! Sonny was a cook in India (he comes out himself India), after which he joined the tent now called Sonny in the Netherlands and Is his. When he could take over Sonny, he was sold right away, it was always all his dream of opening his own place. Sonny serves vega and vegan food and opened its doors in 1992. After you choose your sandwich, it's time for the toppings. You can go here for free and for nothing your sandwich falafel upgrade with all different toppings. Many different types of vegetables, olives, sauces and spicy (also Indian!) additions. There is a choice of up to 20 different types of salads and sauces. Among other things: carrots in spicy Indian sauce, chickpeas with Indian herbs, white radish, homemade special hummus and delicious olives! Sonny is in the category bun falafel on-the-go a bit my favorite. You can also do this take a seat at a table and in the summer on the terrace, but it's not really a place for a night out (it remains a takeaway). Besides falafel also serves Sonny Belgian fries. So: try it out! 

Sonny's – First van der Helststraat 43 1073 AC Amsterdam (summer opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm, sun: 1pm-10pm, winter opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm, so: 13.00-21.00)


This case has a little the same concept as Sonny. The is a takeaway shop where you can also fill your sandwich indefinitely with toppings such as vegetables, salads and sauces. The first Moaz opened his doors in 1991 in Amsterdam. In the meantime, the chain has already been expanded to several places in the Netherlands and also to other countries where under Australia, France, Germany, England, Spain, the USA and India. Besides gluten-free falafel sells Moaz also fried aubergines, hummus and fries. Moaz is relatively cheap in the list of falafel. Easy, fast and tasty! What else do we want? Moaz calls it a "Vegolution". Why? Because Moaz is a perfect combination of nutritious  Delicious. Our own Amsterdam has 4 locations that all centrally located. Fast, easy and tasty!

Moaz vegetarian – multiple locations in Amsterdam


Sir Hummus

If you ask me, falafel & hummus is pretty much the perfect Combination. The opinions are divided, because it is both basis is chickpeas. Sir Hummus has two branches. Sir Hummus and Sir Hummus kitchen. For hummus, head to Sir Hummus and for falafel to you to The Kitchen. At branch on van der Helstplein you choose a bowl: regular or small. This bowl is filled with hummus and is served with 1 or 2 pitas, chopped salad & homemade pickles. In addition, you can also choose such as tahina, 'magic' egg, roasted pine nuts, roasted ladies, spicy eggplant (recommended) and slow cooked beef. Guy, Dori & Lior are the founders sir Hummus and come from Israel himself. At the Kitchen on the Ruysdaelkade you can you are right for a well-stocked pita with falafel. Sir Hummus is a restaurant and so here you can take a seat to eat your lunch.

Sir Hummus KITCHEN – Ruysdaelkade 181, 1072 AT Amsterdam (opening times: Mon closed, tue-sat: 12am-8pm, closed)

Sir Hummus – Van der Helstplein 2, 1072 AT Amsterdam (opening times: Mon closed, tue-sat: 12am-8pm, so: 12.00-5pm)


Bar Kauffmann

This is, unlike the previous one in the row, a real restaurant where you'll eat in the evening while enjoying a Drink. Bar Kauffmann is in favour of "Falafel & Beer." This is kind of my favorite. You can namely sitting, they have a lot of beers (I am more of the wine myself) and really meeeeeeeeeeega tasty rolls of falafel. The bar is called because the owner Saskia Kauffmann is called. This is my favorite when it comes to rolls of falafel. You pay relatively slightly more here because it is a restaurant but that's really worth it. The pita contains a mountain outside falafel choose other things. You can choose from a falafel sandwich with ratatouilla, feta, merguez, halloumi and much more. Would you rather have a salad? That can too! In addition, the fries are highly recommended and you can also add extras order such as nachos, creamcheese snacks or halloumi fries. Not enough yet Fill? You'll get some loose sauces to give your sandwich a finishing touch Give.

Bar Kauffmann – Reinier Claeszenstraat 4B H, 1056 WJ Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-do: 17.00-23.00, fri-Sat: 17.00-01.00, so: 17.00-23.00)


Food halls

Do you know the famous brand Maza? Maza offers various products, namely falafel, hummus, sauces and salads. This are all found in the supermarket. Maza also has a stand in our own Foodhalls (!). The Foodhallen in Amsterdam is yes, as the name actually says: a hall with food. All different providers have a private stall where they offer delicious food. From sushi, burgers, dumplings, gin tonics all the way to… Falafel! Maza's platters are really a recommended: mezze plates. You get pita bread, falafel, different types hummus and pickles and olives. Everything at this tent is vegetarian and sometimes even Vegan. Besides falafel, you can discover even more food in the Foodhallen. And oh, yes, In addition to food, the halls also have shops, art, a cinema and a Library.

Foodhalls, Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT, Amsterdam (opening hours: Mon closed, tue-do: 11am-23.30, fri-Sat: 11am-01.00, so: 11 am-23.30)


ManaMana Amsterdam

This is another one for the hummus and falafel lovers (I would surely have this combination gold). Something for everyone! Are you vegetarian, are you vegan or are you just eating meat? They cook everything here for you. Hummus, eggplant, falafel, vegetable salads, cauliflower, or different types of meat or fish. You can go here for a delicious Lunch. It's also a bowl of hummus where you get pita and pickles or a bun with well-stocked falafel. In addition, all dishes see it's really nice. Party on your plate.

Manamana Amsterdam – First Jan Steenstraat 85, 1072 NE Amsterdam (opening times: ma-di: 17.00-23.30, Wed-Sun: 11am-23.30)

Hummus Bistro d&a

This restaurant believes in 'sharing is caring'. They serve perfect comfort food where you are can share delicious dishes together. Choose your hummus: original, tahini,, falafel, roasted veggies, chicken, beef, siniya or with an extra boiled egg? This is served again with pita bread, pickles and a small salad. This also applies for the shakshuka. In Israel this is often eaten for breakfast, but it can be also fine as a dinner. Hummus Bistro also serves beautiful other dishes such as hot dishes and 'in between' dishes such as falafel (yes!). And! They now have a second location. Let's go!

Hummus Bistro d&a – Westerstraat 136, 1015 MP Amsterdam (open daily 11am-23.00).

Hummus Bistro d&a – Oostenburgergracht 185, 1018 ND Amsterdam (open daily 11.00-23.00).



This is a special one in the list. Nacarat is a restaurant by Ron Blaauw, a well-known chef with more restaurants in Amsterdam. The restaurant is located on the rooftop of hudson's bay. During the day you can go here through the shop, in the evening through a special entrance. Nacarat is a more chic restaurant and therefore a special one. It's a Middle Eastern restaurant and at lunch they serve Lebanese bread with hummus and evening it really is a fine-dining restaurant in Tel Aviv-style. During the day, delicious sandwiches/pitas and budha bowls are served with, Yes, falafel. Also in the evening there is the choice of falafel. I tried it and wow! This is just a totally different vibe like all the other toes.     

Nacarat – 49, Rokin, 1012 KK Amsterdam (opening hours bar & nibbles: Mon-Sun: 3pm-10.30pm, lunch: Mon-Thu: 11.30-15.00, Fri-So: 11.30-4pm, dinner: Mon-So: 18.30-22.30)



This is one of my favorites, too. Sillers Kiosk is namely a place you need to know, otherwise you walk or cycle past it. Sillers is located at the intersection at kinkerstraat and nassaukade. I lived opposite it first and went to get coffee, here's namely, choice of many types of vegetable and sugar-free milk (highly recommended!) At Sillers, familiar faces always help you and the owner has already my heart stolen with its homemade granola, ice cream, hummus and of course falafel. You can get half a pita here for €3.50 and a whole €6.00. I would personally go for the whole. I took half myself and that is more like snack. In short: fun vibe, local and homemade! If the weather is nice you are also in the sun by the water. No good weather? Then it's an on-the-go sandwich! 

Sillers – Nassaukade 900, 1053 LV Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-free: 08:00-4pm, Sat: 10am-4pm)



yes, the name already reveals it, here you go for a salad with falafel. SLA offers many salads, which you can also do yourself always adapt the menu to the season. I'm a big fan myself of the salads with falafel (or vegetable burgers). In addition, there is also always hummus on the menu. SLA is a really healthy, large and filling meal. Don't you like salads? Then you can also opt for soup, but then you miss the delicious falafel!

SLA – multiple locations in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands


Last but not least: Bazar! This former church has been converted into A North African / Central Eastern restaurant located on the Albert Cuypstraat. It's real Like you're stepping into another world. Bazar is large, colourful and covered in lots of prints, lamps and everything you do forget that you are Amsterdam is. Bazar is also mainly known for not being pricey, but it's nice to eat out. With large or small groups makes nothing Bazar has a lot of space! But, falafel, then. This restaurant offers a Mediterranean plate with spring rolls, olives, hummus, nuts and sauces and in addition they also have a salad with falafel. Another total other ambiance like the other!

The Bazar Amsterdam – Albert Cuypstraat 182, 1073 BL Amsterdam (opening hours: Mon to the sun: 10am-24.00)


Well, these were them. For the falafel lovers: live out! And believe me, it's worth it.

Which one do you like best?


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