You can't miss these culinary specialties in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of beautiful Vietnam is more than worth visiting! This city has several culinary specialties that you should definitely try out here. Because food in Hanoi is very tasty, very tasty and different than usual, which is why I write this blog and give you nice facts about the typical food in Hanoi. Throughout the city you can smell the smells of the delicious spices they use.

1). Fresh & crispy spring roll

When most people think of Vietnamese food, they think of the Dutch crispy spring roll. It is certainly true that many spring rolls are eaten in Hanoi. But the special thing about the spring rolls in Hanoi is that you have the fresh spring rolls with lots of different types of fillings. Maybe you'd seen them in the Netherlands once, but here in Hanoi they eat this spring roll especially. This spring roll is made with rice skins and the filling usually consists of crunchy vegetables, glass noodles and shrimp. Coincidentally this is also my favorite combo, the best thing is to dip the spring roll in a spicy fish sauce.

Don't worry if you prefer to choose the crispy spring roll, they also have here for sure and even with all types of fillings that You can think of it. Which is also nice, making a cooking course spring rolls. So you can recreate these delicious spring rolls at home.

2). Vietnamese Pho

Then we have such a typical dish, the Vietnamese Pho. Better known as the Vietnamese noodle soup.

A nice fact is that almost 100 years ago the first Pho restaurant opened in Hanoi. All over the city you can smell this delicious Pho soup, this is because in every street the dish is cooked. There are also many restaurants and small toes that make Pho soup.
Pho ingredients include rice noodles, beef, chicken, bean sprouts, chilli, lime, spring onion and mung bean. The vegetarian variant of the Pho soup is also becoming increasingly popular.

3). Egg Coffee

What you also often encounter on the menu in Hanoi is Egg Coffee. It may sound a little crazy but is really worth tasting. Actually, this Egg coffee comes from the time of French domination. The French just drank their coffee with hot milk. The locals thought the milk was too expensive so they tried something else.

She knocked an egg with a little sugar until some kind of cream came out and this she added to the coffee. So the Egg Coffee was created, which is still very popular in Hanoi.

The food in Hanoi can sometimes fall heavily on the stomach. So know that sometimes you can get a bit of trouble with your intestines. I hope you'll be there by yourself. get used to it. Also keep in mind how the food is prepared. If the food on a somewhat unhygienic way is prepared it will fall worse. The vegetarian variant of spring rolls or noodles is also recommended, just as good, namely. The great thing about Hanoi is that they go along with the vegetarian and healthy eating style trend. This allows you to find many restaurants that vegetarian dishes on the menu menu.

If you want to go for typical street food food, you're in the Old Quarter in the right place. Here you will be in all the streets the locals See the food prepare, the real local feeling will definitely start to experience you here. Because of French rule, many French influences have arisen in Hanoi. In the French Quarter can be found in several French restaurants. The special on this neighborhood is that you get a little feeling here that you are in a large city in France, you will encounter many stalls where you will delicious French baguette can get. Don't worry if you're just as tasty fancy a European pasta, pizza or burger in Hanoi you will find restaurants with lots of this kind of dishes.   So you love vietnamese cuisine and you can enjoy yourself of the cosy street food bars? Then Hanoi is a super fun destination to go with guaranteed delicious food and actually for everyone I'll have something.

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