Sights of Berlin

Because of all the events, Berlin is now one major museum. From the Brandenburg Gate to Museuminsel, these are the most extraordinary sights.

Pure, raw and vibrant in culture and history. That's the German capital Berlin. Berlin was almost completely destroyed in World War II. After the war, the city was divided into two for a long time. Because of all the events, Berlin is now, as it were, one big museum. And these are the most extraordinary and well-known sights.

Of course, if you first go to Berlin, you want to see the must sees. Berlin is known for its next sights.

Brandenburg Gate

Pariser Platz – The old Berlin city gate, that's the Brandenburg Gate. The gate, which was built at the end of the 18th century, is perhaps berlin's most famous symbol. He successively survived the Prussian Empire, the Third Reich and the Cold War. When the Berlin wall fell, the tower became the sign of unification. Are you in Berlin? Then walk under the gate. And check out his beautiful neoclassical style.


Panoramastraße – The Fernsehturm was founded in 1969, in then East Berlin. The television tower had to be the symbol of the 'modern' GDR. The tower is almost 370 meters high. This makes the tower the tallest building in the city. And you can be on top of it! You can even have a bite to eat. The restaurant at the top is slowly spinning around. Have you seen enough, then take the elevator down. This one's lightning fast. In only 40 seconds you'll be back on the ground floor.


Platz der Republik – In the Reichstag Reichstag, the German Parliament sits. Modern architecture is combined here with an unprecedented history. For example, during the Second World War, the Reichstag was under considerable fire. During the Cold War, the building was completely restored. Not for nothing is the Reichstag worth a visit. From the glass dome you have a phenomenal view over the Berlin skyline.

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Museum insel

River Spree – Lover of museums? Then you really have to visit the museum island (Museuminsel). Here you will find berlin's most important art museums. The Alte Nationalgallery, Altes Museum, Bode-Museum, Neues Museum and the Pergamon Museum, for example. UNESCO declared Museumsinsel a World Heritage Site in 1999.


According to various travel guides, this is the most beautiful Berlin Square: the Gendarmenmarkt. The square located in district de Mitte, near several entertainment venues, was named after Regiment Gens d'Armes who had his barracks here. Thanks in part to the two identical stupids and the 19th century concert hall you imagine yourself for a moment in pre-war Berlin. After watching several Berlin sights it's good to have in a hotel. Book your stay at LetsStay today.

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