Seville & Granada: perfect (double) city break for a solo trip

This summer I'm on holiday on my own for the first time been. I had been abroad alone before, but that was always with a (study) goal; never "on vacation." And that's a while. Else. I chose spain for 8 days, where I visited Seville and Granada. This cities not only have been on my wish list for a long time, but are also very suitable as a destination for a solo trip! I'll tell you why and Give your tips to make it a top holiday.

If you think of a city break, or a holiday to Spain, Seville and Granada may not be the first destinations to come to you. However, they have a lot to offer! And precisely because they are not as big and touristy as Barcelona or Madrid, these cities are a lot more friendly and feel safer. Where you should be constantly wary of pickpockets in Barcelona and I wouldn't trust strangers quickly, I had no trouble walking around seville and Granada at all, for example, or having a conversation with an unknown local to m i can practice Spanish. For me really a big plus! Because on holiday you want to be able to relax, right?

So you can browse around at your leisure and enjoy all the beauty that can be seen there. Seville is a rather large city, with lots of beautiful old buildings, but also a nice large park. Granada is also truly a city where you can get lost, especially in the picturesque streets of the old Moorish district of Albaicín. I myself am also a fan of the 'free walking tours' that you can do in much larger cities. For example, in a few hours with a guide you can get to know the most beautiful, fun and sometimes lesser-known places in the city, and especially if you are on your own this is also a good way to meet other travellers. At the end of the tour you decide for yourself what you thought the tour was worth, in the form of a tip for the guide. This is also the time to ask for tips for nice eateries and bars. Often there are people in the group poking for, for example, a bite to eat together.

Speaking of food. Granted, that could be one thing when you're on vacation on your own. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your food, and not let your appetite spoil your appetite due to the uncomfortable feeling of sitting in a restaurant on your own. Zéker in a country like Spain with a choice of so much delicious food (Tapas! Paella! Churros!) I would like to make the most of this myself. A dish like paella is even more confronting, because that is usually not even served for one person (because have you seen how big those pans are?!). Anyway, where tapas are commonly known as snacks to share, they are also very suitable for a single-eater. Instead of ordering a large dish, you just choose several small snacks, so you can taste spanish culture at once and at the table it doesn't feel like you're eating forever alone, because they're more like snacks. Choose a cosy terrace in a place where you can watch people, and also enjoy a delicious Spanish meal on your own. In Seville it is often common for restaurants that you really order the tapas as dishes, but in Granada it goes the authentic Spanish way: order a drink, and get free tapas. That's what you want, right?! Please note that the terraces in more tourist spots (such as along the Carrera del Darro) often do not, who just want to make as much money as possible from hungry tourists..

Fancy paella, right? Then i'm sure you can find another solo traveller or a cozy group to join in for dinner. Hostels offer the best opportunity for this. Both in Seville and Granada I stayed at Oasis Backpackers, hostels with a cosy atmosphere and many people who also travel alone. These kinds of hostels (of course there are many more) often organize all kinds of activities where you can get to know people. In Granada there was even a paella evening organized, where you could join for a few euros and eat along-eating a huge pan of paella with love prepared by a Spanish señora, so that was totally fantastic! Also, such a stay is highly recommended if you would like to go out but rather not alone. Join a pub crawl that organizes many hostels, and you'll automatically go out with a cosy group. This too is well worth it in Seville and Granada!

Finally, a tip for the trip from one city to another. Seville and Granada are both in Andalusia, about 3 hours apart. There are several connections to the train or bus (book probably well in advance, saves a lot of money!). But if you find it boring to be on your own for so long, Blablacar is also a good option. This site allows you to book a kind of 'carpool ride', for a relatively low price you can ride with someone in the car. Chances are you'll get in the car with all Spaniards, so also a good opportunity to practice your language skills! And the travel time is usually a lot shorter than when travelling with the public transport, which is again nicely taken away. Both riders and drivers can leave reviews about each other on Blablacar, so you don't have to worry about getting in the car with a creep.

Are you convinced that this double city trip is a good idea is like a solo trip? And are you now curious about what Granada and Seville are now actually all have to offer? Read the blog with tips for what to do and see in these beautiful cities!

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