Must do: to the opera in Venice

Whoever says Venice says opera. But what opera theatres in Venice are there exactly? And what does a ticket cost? We figured it out for you.

Whoever says Venice says opera. And where the Venetian opera used to only be for rich people, it is now accessible to everyone. But what opera theatres in Venice are there exactly? And what does a ticket cost? We figured it out for you.

History opera Venice

In the 16th century, a wealthy family near the Rialto Bridge opened the first theatre accessible to all accessible to all where plays were performed. However, the building went up in flames almost half a century later. Soon it was decided to build a new stone theatre: the Teatro di San Cassiano. This was italy's first ever real opera theatre. And an outright shot in the bull's eye! From far and wide, people came to this Venetian opera house. In fact, interest in opera in Venice became so great that dozens of new opera theatres were opened in the following years. At the moment there are two more important operas in Venice that you can visit:

1. Teatro la Fenice

The Teatro La Fenice is one of the most famous music theatres in the world. In 1792, the doors of this neo-classicist building were opened, after opera house San Benedetto burned down in 1774. The name of Teatro la Fenice was chosen for nothing: the opera house rose like a phoenix (la fenice) out of her ashes. In the centuries that led, the opera house in Venice also burned down twice. In the meantime, Teatro la Fenice has been completely resurrected, as a real phoenix befits. If you want to go to this opera in Venice, you have to dig a lot. Costs for opera tickets can be up to several hundred euros per person. However, you can also get a tour for a few tenners.

2. Musica Palazzo

For those who have never attended an opera, Musica Palazzo's operas are a great stepping stone. They are also affordable too. Tickets are available from 80 euros per person. The opera house where the performances take place is an old building with beautiful works of art on the walls. Each act takes place in a different room, interrupted by a break for a delicious drink. During the performances, the singers mingle with the audience. At Musica Palazzo you can watch and listen to well-known opera performances such as La Traviata and Il barbiere di Siviglia.

In short, a trip to Venice is not complete without visiting an opera. Attending an opera? Book your night with letsstay.

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