Marrakech: The magical 1001-night city

Morocco, the land of hospitality, delicious cuisine and warm summers. Do you want to experience all this? Then go to Marrakech. This beautiful city is only 3.5 hours of flying from the Netherlands and you are right in a completely different, magical world. It's a city that can definitely be chaotic, but it's also a city that's really cool to visit. Did you know that Marrakech is not the capital of Morocco, but the 3rd largest city in the country? Not? Then you know that now.

The ideal length of stay is 5 days, then you have plenty of time to see all the beautiful and fun places. The best period to travel to Marrakech is between March and June or between September and November.

A tip: don't go in the summer or you wants to end up in an oven of around 50 degrees…

In this blog you will find the best Marrakech tips, what you can see, do and where you could stay overnight.

From airport to the old town

Menara Airport is about ten miles from the center. So it's pretty close! You can get from the airport very easily take the taxi to the city. Such a taxi ride takes about 20 minutes and you don't even cost that much money. You pay about 150 to 200 dirham, this is about €13 to €18. Often you can ensure that you whereyou a taxi arranges from the airport to the hotel or Riad toe. Again, you often don't spend that much money for this. The taxi driver will be waiting for you outside the airport and will bring you directly to your whereabouts. Once you arrive, the enjoyment can begin!

Overnight in Marrakech

There are a lot of hotels to be found in Marrakech, the one is more luxurious than the other. But do you really want to experience an ultimate Marrakech experience? Then book a room in a Riad. This is a traditional Moroccan mansion and most have a beautiful courtyard and delicious Moroccan breakfast. My Recommended? Book Riad L'Orangeraie! This is a beautiful Riad near the old center of Marrakech. It is not for nothing that this property rating of 5 out of 5 gets on Tripadvisor. In terms of location, your top is also the Riad itself is a lovely place to stay in. Also the most famous Square of Marrakech around the corner: Djema el fnaa, on this later more…


In this beautiful city there are plenty of sights to Discover. From palaces to beautiful gardens and from beautiful squares to fun Markets. All the must-sees I've listed for you so you don't has to be missed. These sights ensure that your tourist heart faster is going to knock.

Palaces: Bahia & El Badii

The two grand palaces of Marrakech are Bahia and El Badii. The Bahia Palace is a beautiful and large palace in the historical center of Marrakech. You will encounter beautiful gardens with fountains here. Also You have many different rooms here with beautiful Arabic tiles.

10 minutes away from the Bahia palace is the El Badii Palace. This palace is also overwhelmingly beautiful. This palace has a sand colour, which makes it fit perfectly in the streetscape of Marrakech. For both palaces you do pay a small amount of entrance fee (about € 2,- per palace).

Saadiens tombs

A 7 minute walk from the El Badii Palace you have the Saa's tombs. These tombs are definitely worth a visit. In 1917, these tombs rediscovered and one of the most popular attractions in the city. Here you will find the real old Morocco with beautiful mosaic pieces. This area consists of three buildings with tombs and an inner garden where you also tombs. For this attraction you pay € 1 entrance fee.

Botanical Gardens: 'Le Jardin Secret' and 'Le Jardin Majorelle'

Another must-see are the botanical gardens in Marrakech. The two most beautiful and also equal are the two best known are 'Le Jardin Secret' and the garden of fashion design Yves Saint Laurent 'Le Jardin Majorelle'. In both gardens can be found there are all kinds of cacti, plants, palm trees and other exotic plants, which you won't find anywhere in Europe.

Tip: Make sure you're immediately present at opening time at Le Jardin Majorelle. This garden can get very busy. 's Morning you have plenty of time to walk around quietly and get a new Instagram and shoot Facebook photo.

The entrance fee of 'Le Jardin Secret' is 50 dirham (€5,-) and the entrance fee of Le Jardin Majorelle is 70 dirham (€7,-).

Djeema El Fna

In marrakech's most famous and central square, there is really do everything. It comes to life here in the evening. There are all kinds of stalls with souvenirs, food, street performers, snakes and many more More. An evening of cheap dinner? Take a look at one of the many stalls on the square.

Park 'Lalla Hasna' & Koutoubia Mosque

A nice park to walk through is park 'Lalla Hasna'. In this park you look out for the beautiful Koutoubia mosque. Unfortunately, you can't enter it as a non-Muslim, but the mosque looks very nice from the outside.


In the city centre you have all kinds of souks (markets), where you you can walk through. You can find all kinds of fun souvenirs, clothes and buy other typical Moroccan things. As in many Arab countries, you can try to haggle here. On the souks you will find things like Moroccan dresses, tagines, Arabic lamps and Moroccan herbs.

Food and drink

What's a holiday without good food? For convenience I've listed my favorite restaurants and cafes.

  • Max and Jan: A hip tent, which is very cosy Looks. You can have a very good lunch there and they have delicious fruit juices.
  • Zeitoun café: This cafeetje is 5 minutes away walk from the El Badii Palace. Here you have all kinds of delicious (virgin) cocktails and Arabic lunch dishes.
  • Nomad burger: Burger enthusiast? Then you have to definitely take a look at Nomad burger. This is a very nice tent with delicious citizens. A big plus is that they have a roof terrace here!

I will never forget my trip to Marrakech. A beautiful city with a rich history and great sights. The people are warm and welcoming and do everything you can to give you a good stay take care of it.

Is Marrakech already on your list?

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