Delicious Cape Verde – Sal and Boa Vista

Fancy a delicious relaxing holiday? Then I recommend that you go to Cape Verde. You can here vast white sandy beaches and find luxury resorts. The special thing about Cape Verde is that besides luxury resorts there and an airport there are only a few villages and otherwise the islands exist just from sand, mountains and rocks. Don't worry! There are plenty of excursions but if you really like shopping or eating out, it may not be Such a good idea. Outside the resort you have nothing at all. Really back too basic, which is also good.

In this blog I explain two islands, I'm on both both islands have its charms.


The island of Sal is a beautiful island, where you can various excursions can do. In that respect, you may have more opportunities on Sal compared to the island of Boa Vista. A nice fact: Sal means the Portuguese salt and the island is known for its salt lakes. Try to get under the water here, you just stay afloat!

Back to the excursions… The beauty of the excursions is that you can contribute to the well-being of the locals. With some excursions pass the villages, where you will be taken along the slums of Sal and Boa vista. When I went there, I some garments taken to give to the locals. The people were so immensely grateful and I will never express their facial expression Forget. It is also nice to bring toys, pens or rubber bands, for example, take for the kids. There is a lot of poverty on the island and They don't have much.

A tip is to book the excursions just locally. This saves you a lot of money, because tour operators ask for more than that the actually.

Santa Maria is the largest village on the island. All hotels you will find in the area and are excellent to stay in. Almost all of these hotels are located right on the beautiful beach. Santa Square Maria comes to life especially in the evening. Locals and tourists come here often together, friends and families sit on the benches and tourists find a cozy restaurant for dinner. On the square you can relax enjoy the view with all kinds of coloured cottages and palm trees. Through this view you notice that you are really on a tropical island and that you are not dreams are. You also have all kinds of different terraces here that often cosy pressure.

Are you more someone who loves to dance and go out? You there are also a number of discotheques, where you can dance until the late hours. The local drink? Grogue, a mix of water and rum, often added with a sweet taste of your choice. If you still want to remember the evening, more than 2 shots should be you don't take it because it's pretty strong stuff!

Boa Vista

Boa vista is a little less advanced than the island of Sal, but still you can do multiple island excursions such as quad tours, jeep safaris snorkel/dive. If you really like lounging by the pool or the sea, Cape Verde is a very good base of failure!

Sal Rei is the largest place on the island of Boa Vista, but more has been said about it. There are about 5,000 inhabitants and there is a central square with beautiful colourful buildings. In addition, you have some cafes and restaurants. As on the island of Sal, boa vista is all about the beach. On the island you will find two giant resort complexes of RIU, where almost all tourists actually stay.

When it comes to eating, when you're a fan of fish dishes Then you're on Cape Verdie well. Fish dishes are a specialty on Cape verde. They live there from fishing and make the tastiest dishes here Of. In the morning around 10 o'clock you can see fishing at the pier Return. You can then order this fresh fish anywhere on the island, because nowhere else is the choice of fish as extensive as on the Cape Verde Islands.

If you don't like fish, the luxury resorts have for everyone will. Often there is a buffet restaurant with all kinds of food. Of burgers to pizzas and from sushi to different meat dishes.

Want to explore Sal or Boa Vista in a simple way. Then I definitely advise you to rent a quad bike. Believe me, when I say that this is a real adventure. You'll go out with a guide and drive half the island About. You have a choice between different routes and duration of the quad tour. Myself have opted for a 3-hour tour where you only have a maximum of 20 minutes on a paved road drives. The rest of the route will be along dirt roads, sand dunes and drive along the most beautiful beaches you've ever seen. The ultimate view? The beautiful Beach Santa Monica, 18 kilometres long and utterly pristine. No hotels, no restaurants, no houses. A bright blue sea and a white sand beach. For me, this is one of the highlights, of course this has been a place where you can ultimately chill and can enjoy the relaxation. You'll never go on a quad bike tour like this again Forget.

Sal or Boa Vista?

I actually get this question quite often from people who doubt which island to go to when they want to go to Cape Verde. It depends very much on whether you are a type of traveller who is mainly on the beach pool. Or that you are a type of traveler who loves a lot do different excursions. Boa Vista is a bit more easy and less crowded, because you also have a little less to do. On Sal you will get more satisfaction from the tours you can do there. Both islands have one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. And believe me, I have a lot of Seen.

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