The gems of Eastern Canada

Canada? Yes! Eastern Canada is known for its beautiful nature reserves, black bears, elk, good food and of course there is the beautiful capital (Ottawa) of Canada. However, there are fewer visits to this beautiful country every year compared to other countries. But why? In winter you can enjoy high ski slopes with a thick layer of snow and in the summer the terraces are full and you can experience anything. For the shopping fans: Canada is bursting with the outlet and normal shopping centers with as much as 50% – 70% off, hey!

A nice fact about Eastern Canada: what many people don't know is that they speak English and French in Canada. In Eastern Canada, they both speak. Whether you're good at English or French, it's easy to save yourself there.

We have listed the most beautiful gems for you. Plus a bonus, with each pearl we give you a must-see tip.


Compared to the other cities in Eastern Canada, Toronto is one of the largest and busiest cities. You'll notice if you come close: file! The city is also called the New York of Canada. It is breathtaking how large the buildings are. There is also a great diversity of food here. When you stay in Toronto for a few days, you can shop to your heart's content, hang out the food blogger and view sights. Oh yes, it's shopping: there are multiple outlet shopping malls around the city, i.e. Discount with a capital K!

Of course you don't go all the way to Canada and Toronto only for the food and shopping, but you also want to see and do fun things. When you search google for 'Toronto sights' it will notice that you see the CN Tower first. This tower is a symbol of The Toronto skyline. But we're not going to give you a tip that's number 1 in Google is on the right way to see the moment you enter the city.

Tip: Toronto Island

Do you want to see Toronto from a different perspective? Then you have to go to Toronto Island. For 7 Canadian Dollars you can sail by boat to three different islands. Within 15 minutes, you'll be back ashore on one of the three islands of choice. Our tip? Bring some goodies, a big towel you can sit on and head to the main island a few hours before sunset. On the main island you have a very nice mini-amusement park where you can stay one to two hours before sunset begins. After you've been to the amusement park, you can walk to a nearby park, where you'll have views of the entire Toronto skyline. Save your towel, grab your food (and a drink) and enjoy it.


Ever on vacation felt like you were living in a fairy tale? You'll definitely get that feeling when you stay in Mont-Tremblant. It is a small village in the mountains where you can ski in winter and do fun activities in the summer. Officially Mont-Tremblant is a ski area, you can see ski lifts, cable cars and nice bars everywhere for the aprés ski. If you come here in the summer you will have the nicest terraces, shops and restaurants. Oh, yes, do you like dough with cinnamon, sugar, oreo and chocolate paste? Take a nice Beavertail. This is one of the most famous dishes (dessert) in Canada. Feast! You have something for everyone, activities for young and old. My tip? Visit Tonga Lumina!

Tip: Tonga Lumina

Tonga Lumina is the wonderful story of a giant in the mountains that protect all nature. Yes, I know. You're probably still not convinced to go to Tonga Lumina. But what if I tell you, you're in the evening, when it is dark, with the ski lift tens of meters high the mountains. So where you have a beautiful view from the first moment about the village.

But now comes the real part why you should Go. Tonga Lumina is a show in nature. When you're at the top of the mountains you will be guided by a 1.5-kilometer forest path. During this walk you will experience a beautiful light show with a beautiful message (socially responsible and something with nature…).

So if you're ever around Ottawa or Quebec City, go past Mont-Tremblant, no doubt one of the most beautiful villages you'll ever see.

Algonquin park

If you are an animal lover and you love walking in nature, Algonquin Park is definitely highly recommended. Many tourists come here for beautiful hiking trails, where you can encounter moose, beavers and black bears along the way, how cool is that?! You can also relax here by the water, because they have dozens of lakes in the park. Here you can also canoe, kayak or grab the pedalo. Are you a fan of camping, too? Almost every 5 kilometers along the route of Highway 60 you have a campsite with a walking route.

Tip: A long walking route to spot black bears and elk

There is no shortage of walking routes in Algonquin Park. My tip? Take the walking routes of 10 kilometers or more. Two great advantages of these walking routes. Advantage 1: You will no doubt walk off the burgers from the night before. Advantage 2: These are the walking routes where you have the best chance to spot a moose or a black bear. Yes, really! Oh yes, put on long pants and a long-sleeved shirt against the mosquitoes!


The capital of Canada. In the province of Ontario in the east. Even though it's the capital of Canada, people hear about Toronto more often. Ottawa is also a little smaller, but very cozy. All the sights are within walking distance, such as the Byward Market and Parliament Hill. Also not a bad city to shop anyway, with a giant shopping mall in the middle of town. What is very striking in this city is that a lot of people can be found on bicycles. Feels like home!

Tip: Parliament Hill

The most special building in Ottawa: Parliament Hill. A beautiful government building that is just open to the public. This building is located in the centre of the city and is even more special during summer evenings than it already is. Every summer evening there is a light show that explains the history of Canada. The show is projected onto the parliament building and gives the building a different dimension. Looking for a nice summer evening, chilling on the grass? Then this is definitely highly recommended!

Niagara Falls

You can't miss Niagara Falls on your trip to Eastern Canada. A kilometre away you can see the mist of the falls already above the buildings. It's not surprising that these giant, beautiful waterfalls belong to one of the 7 wonders of the world. Also outside the falls around this is an overly crazy city. There are lovely restaurants everywhere and there is one big cosy, illuminated street with cinemas and game halls. Ideal for the whole family. In the evening in the dark, the waterfalls are illuminated. This too is very special to see. I recommend you to take a hotel overlooking the waterfalls!

Tip: a boat ride at Niagara Falls

You can't go to Niagara Falls and then not take a boat ride. This should be on everyone's bucket list. The boat trips go in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. My preference? 100% a boat trip in the evening. During the summer months there will be fireworks at 10 p.m. What else do you want? On the boat along Niagara Falls (which are very nicely lit) with fireworks, ideal!

All in all, Eastern Canada is really a must-go! The diversity of attractions, food, nature reserves and cities is very large and there is something for everyone. In every city there is an airport where you can fly through to the other city, but to reach all the beautiful places you can rent a car. Discover the beautiful gems of Eastern Canada

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