Clubben in Berlin: these are the hotspots

Berlin is synonymous with underground. From techno parties in abandoned bunkers to dancing in modern clubs, who like solid beats must be in Berlin. Clubben in Berlin can go to the late hours. Or feel free to say, early hours. Because most Berlin clubs don't close until 7:00 a.m.

Berlin nightlife

The nightlife in Berlin is attractive to many tourists because there are no official closing times. This ensures that parties often get going late. And only when the last partygoers arrive at home will the doors of the clubs close. Some clubs in Berlin even run from Friday night to Sunday night. Non-stop!

Berlin's hippest clubs

But where can you find the hippest clubs in Berlin? Most are located on the east side of Berlin. Here Such as:

  • Mitte (north of the Hackescher Market and Rosenthaler Platz)
  • Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (near the Schlesische Tor and the Revaler Strasse)
  • Prenzlauer Mountain (near the Eberswalder Strasse)

What about the entrance of clubs in Berlin? It's not very high. In most cases, you pay €10 to €15 to get in. For € 2 you already have a beer. Half-liters. That makes clubben in Berlin a lot cheaper than nightlife in other European cities, such as London or Amsterdam.

Top 7 clubs in Berlin

But which Berlin clubs should you have seen now? A top 7:

1. ://about wh
ite In this former illegal club, you can go legally today until the late hours.
2. Waterga
te You have to queue for a long time, but this club is worth the wait.
3. Cosmona
t Cosmonaut is a bunker with rooms where several DJs run.
4. Stattbad Wedding
Dancing in a former swimming pool. It's possible at Stadtbad Wedding.
5. Sisypho
s Sisyphos is located in East Berlin. Open air parties are regularly given here.
6. TresorT
resor is a household name in the techno scene. The club is housed in an old factory, allowing you to taste the underground scene perfectly.
7. Club of Visionary
On the River there is a super place where good music and people unite: Club of Visionary.

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