Barcelona, the city of….

Which city break goes be your next? After reading this blog I'm pretty sure… Barcelona! This great city knows much more than just tapas, sangria (which I know for sure board), La Rambla and the Sagrada Familia. 

Think of Barcelona then you think of good food, drinks, the city and the beach. But even after several visits to this city I still don't have enough! The tips below are definitely worth it when you've walked Up and Down La Rambla about four times and you know how immense pressure it can be at the Sagrada Familia. Barcelona, the city of….

# Numero uno: cycling

Rent a bike at Cruising Barcelona. Once a Dutchman, always a Dutchman… Exploring Barcelona on your bike makes you feel, smell and see the city! Despite the fact that public transport is very well arranged, you fully absorb the city when you travel through the city on your bike. Can it be even more Dutch? Yes sorry… Cruising Barcelona is a Dutch company with very nice bikes (nice taken for the holiday photos ;)).

Especially for women with a flawed sense of direction and a continuous shortage of MB's (including myself)… The maps application navigates your iPhone, without using the Internet, to your destination. The separately landscaped cycle paths through the main streets make your route completely safe. Download the map of Spain before departure when you still have Wi-Fi and start your trip!

# Numero dos: good food & atmospheric neighbourhoods

Visit the centre of the old town 'De Barri Gòtic' in combination with a breakfast at 'Ankle'. With both acai bowls, toast with avocado and sweet pancakes on the menu, (almost) everyone here knows how to choose a favorite! In addition to the delicious food and the cool décor, the district brings with it a whole experience. The famous district between La Rambla and the harbour consists of tig small streets and cosy squares.

Gotico's hotspot? Without a doubt the 'Carrer del Bisbe Irurita'! The atmospheric alley takes you back in time under the guidance of the large amount of street musicians. However, keep in mind a large amount of tourists, flashy cameras and a lot of noise. Would you rather avoid the crowds? Be present early and enjoy a breakfast at Enkel!

# Numero tres: romantic art

The romantic spheres of the De Barri Gòtic district continue with the mural called 'The World Begins With Every Kiss'. The closer you get, the better you see the pattern of mosaic appear. The mural consists of hundreds of small tiles depicting a moment of freedom, the sheer sense of freedom. The mural can be found on Plaça d'Isidre Nonell and you certainly don't miss it!

# Numero cuatro: the Sagrada Familia

After several visits to Barcelona, do you think you have seen the city? Do it just a little differently by discovering the beauty of the Sagrada Familia from above! Barcelona has several rooftops where you can enjoy (free) breathtaking views of the world famous cathedral. From the rooftop of Ayre Hotel Rosellon you can avoid the crowds and the details of the Bascillica become even more visible. With a glass of Sangria enjoying an almost unreal view of the Sagrada Familia you can do here!

# Numero cinco: Beautiful views

Have you had enough of busy city life and a rooftop hasn't been taken high enough? Go to Tibidabo, the top of town! With the city bus you come to the (almost) highest tip of Barcelona after which you will travel a small piece on foot. Tibidabo consists of both the cathedral and the eponymous amusement park. With (small) children, the amusement park is idealfor an afternoon of entertainment. The cathedral takes you to barcelona's highest point for only 2 euros. From the far point you can enjoy a 360 degree view over both the mountains and the city. With fear of heights? Dare to take risks because you should have done this for sure! 😉

# Numero seis: Bunkers del Carmel.

The bunkers, built during the Spanish war, are located on top of the turó de la Rovira hill, located in the Horta-Guinardó district. Here, too, you can enjoy a beautiful view in a slightly lightier way. Usually you enjoy a snack, drink and music here while the sun slowly goes down. Gather your picnic attributes before the start, because a shop doesn't know this hotspot.

# Numero siete: San Juan

Visit the city in the last weekend of June and celebrate the summer during San Juan. In Barcelona, the beginning of summer and the shortest night of the year are celebrated on 23 and 24 June. The public holiday includes a large amount of splashy fireworks and musical festivities. After the sun has gone down, the whole city moves to barcelona beach where (again) a snack and drink should not be missing around the warmth of a campfire. In order to get a spot on the beach, it is smart to lay your towel just after sunset. Later in the evening, a large proportion of the partying youths moved to the nightclubs and parties along the promenade.

# Numero ocho: Skating along the promenade

Go back to the 90's and pull your skates out of the closet! For many residents a standard activity, but for opinion tourist (who stays a little longer in the city) a wonderful occupation! Barcelona's promenade is ideal for a morning workout while getting a little less guilt after all that tapas and sangria from the night before. The city awakens, the sun is starting to get warmer and the first bathers lay down their towels. Renting skates is possible at Rental Scooters Barcelona.

Or this last paragraph is going to sound like a cliché? I'm almost sure (sorry) but one thing is for sure: Visiting Barcelona is 100% worth it! The diversity of the city takes you to both the most beautiful views and the most distinctive elements that adorn the city. Lover of city life? Enjoy a bike ride through the city. Lover of the most breathtaking views? Go up at Tibidabo, Bunkers or a rooftop bar.

For me, it's for sure: I'll be back!

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