5 places in Chicago you must have visited!

Chicago also called the called windy city, is one of the largest cities in northern America and located on the beautiful Lake Michigan. If you have the idea to go to America You can't miss Chicago on your list. Don't want to have to be around walk in your ski outfit that is advisable to go in spring/summer. In Winter you should think of temperatures well below the mercury. In spring/summer all parks are full of festivals, eateries and chilling people. The ideal time to visit this city!

Have you made the choice to go by in Chicago, very good! I'll give you five things you have to do or go by when you visit this beautiful city.

1: Millennium park

Chicago's largest park and what a park it is! In the summer there is almost every day to do in the park. Outside of the events and festivities, the park is also a nice place to walk through. There are quite a few highlights in Millennium Park. The best known highlights are called "The Bean" or "The Cloud Gate"; the "Faces", where you see faces spewing water on large sculptures; the "Jay Pritzker Palviljoen"; and the Buckingham Fontains. This is a park you should see during your visit to Chicago anyway. The events given in the park are comprehensive, think of morning yoga, film evenings, jazz festivals, the largest food festival in the world "Taste of Chicago", and classical concerts. And all that completely free! So there's something for everyone to do in this fantastic park. Want to know more about what festivities there are at the moment? Then quickly visit the Millennium Park website

2: Chicago River

Get on a boat on the Chicago River and be surprised by the stories about Chicago's architecture. There are some great providers who all offer about the same, so you can't sit wrong with any of these boats. They'll tell you about Chicago's history and the fire that gave the city a second chance to rebuild everything. Chicago was the first city to build a skyscraper with 9 floors as a result of this renovation in 1973. In addition to the impressive buildings, you sail across the only river in the world that flows the other way, not to a lake but just into the country. The city of Chicago has realized this itself to ensure that their beautiful Lake Michigan was not polluted by all the junk that was dumped in the water earlier. Now, of course, this is no longer being done. Do you want to avoid the crowds? Then take the tour on a weekday so you don't have to share the boat with American tourists.

3: Lake Michigan

Lie down at the beach for a day! With over 24 kilometres of beach there must be a place where you can put down your towel and enjoy the sun and the very refreshing Lake Michigan. On many beaches near the city centre you can hear delicious hits and you can get a refreshing drink when temperatures rise high. Should the sun shine too hard for your still untanned body? Then you can also rent a parasol and a bed and enjoy it in this way. My favorite place is North Avenue Beach where you're close to the city but also feel like you're far from the city!

4: Visit museums

Visit one of the many museums that Chicago is rich. If you want to know more about Chicago's history, go to the History Museum of Chicago. There they tell all about how the city has grown. For example, about the big fire in 1871 that gave the city a second chance to rebuild everything and how fantastic they did dot. Or are you more interested in paintings of big names? Then go to "The Art Institute of Chicago", where after the Louvre in Paris the largest number of paintings hangs. The "Field Museum" offers many different exhibits, the "Museum of Science and Industry" can teach you all about technology and even have an entire submarine, and spread throughout the city you can see many artistic image works by great artists. So it's a somewhat drizzly day or are you more of museums than you can get your heart on.

5: Lincoln Park

As a final tip, visit Lincoln Park north of downtown. In this park you can see and do many different things. Visit America's last free zoo with an awful lot of different animals. Look at the lions in their eyes or try to get in touch with a rhinoceros or a camel. They also have different types of monkeys, birds and fish, you look out your eyes in this zoo. It's great to walk through a zoo for an hour and then pop down on the beach or lie in the grass and see other people softball. Take a drink from the park or a bag of popcorn because that way you contribute to keeping this amazing zoo open. The park is just north of the city centre and is easy to do with the foot. Another delicious tip for an ice cream along the way: take the route through Old Town via North Wells Street and grab an ice cream at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, here they have really fantastic ice cream and not the standard flavors, let yourself be surprised!!

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