We are commission-free

No matter how many bookings you get, you only pay a fixed fee. We are based on a subscription model which means that all of the money from your bookings goes directly to you.

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No Commission Fees
Lower your distribution costs, spend less and gain more profit (or give discount).

Guest Direct ™
Create private deals for target audiences, receive and respond to feedback without limitations.

Affiliate Network
Maximize your exposure, reach target audiences and generate new leads more efficiently.

We make your bookings easier

We provide a well-designed dedicated page for your hotel with a direct link to your website. You can manage all of your accommodation’s bookings at one place. It’s so easy that no channel manager is needed but if you want to, we’ll help you with everything.

We give you full control

When you accept guest’s booking, we send you all the details, including the contact information and credit card details. We do not process any payments. You’re finally back in full control of your hotel, inventory and guests.

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When you go PRO, we’ll show you the top nationalities of your potential guests, whether they generally travel for business or pleasure, and how long they tend to book for.

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We are not just another OTA

We founded Let's Stay because we believe everybody has the right to a fair price. We don’t think that the major online booking sites are delivering that right now. By charging hotels up to 25% commission, they are effectively cutting down your revenues.

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