Venice: the most beautiful unexplored spots

Everyone knows the Rialto Bridge and San MarcoPlein. But does Venice still have unexplored spots? The answer to that is yes. And these are the most beautiful.

Venice is one of the most tourist attractions in Europe. As many as 30 million people arrive in Venice every year. And that's despite the fact that the northern Italian city itself has only 60,000 inhabitants. 'Are there still unexplored spots?', you may wonder. The answer to that is yes. And these are the most beautiful:

1. Murano

Murano is a famous island within the Venetian lagoon. Actually Murano is Venice in miniature. Here too you will find countless bridges, but above all: a lot of coloured glass. Murano has become famous for this: the art of glass blowing.

2. Musica A Palazzo

Be surprised by Venetian opera arts and visit Musica A Palazzo. In the evening you can discover operas such as Barbiere di Siviglia and Traviata. Ideal for those who have never been to the opera and want to meet it. The beautiful thing about Musica A Palloze between the companies you can enjoy a delicious glass of Prosecco.

3. Dorsoduro

In Venice, look beyond the usual locations and get to know the real Venice. Stroll through the Dorsoduro district. Here it is pleasant walking through narrow alleys and connecting bridges. No longer a tourist to be seen in the distance! Dorsoduro is therefore a real must see.

4. Burano

Burano is a small island in the Venice Lagoon. The houses here are painted in cheerful colors. 
Burano is also known for the beautiful side made by women when their men are out fishing. Go to the Museo del Consorzio Merletti di Burano if you want to see this wondrous tradition.

In short, those who do not like crowds can better avoid sights such as the Rialto Bridge, the doge palace and San Marco Plein. Fortunately, there are these alternatives. Curious? Book your stay in Venice at LetsStay.net. Metatag title: Venice: the most beautiful unexplored spots

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