Poké Bowl food? 10 places in Amsterdam!

Poké Bowls are the latest trend in the field of healthy food. Are you looking for a nice Poké Bowl in Amsterdam? Check out the following hotspots.

Poké Bowls, the latest trend in healthy food. The Poké Bowl is a traditional and currently popular dish that has come across from Hawaii. The Poké Bowl is an ideal dish for people looking for a healthy, fresh and filling meal. The bowls are usually a composition of the base, the vegetable, the protein, the sauce and the toppings, which can be chosen themselves. The base often consists of rice or lettuce. The original Poké Bowl consists of fish, but often in the protein category contains a choice of fish, meat and vegetarian options. And… Have you gotten hungry yet? Mix it!


I can say from experience that this is a good choice! "How a Mexican, Japanese and Hawaiian man made magic." Sounds that's not tempting? At Sushito you have the choice of a sushi burrito, poké bowl and poké salad. With all options you have a choice of small and large. I choose often for the small one, but for the big eater I would definitely recommend the big one. The Poké Bowl gives you a choice of the base white rice or quinoa and at the Poké Salad consists of the basics of mixed greens. You can put your bowl together yourself or choose a Clasic Bowl from the menu. Sushito is open for lunch and dinner To serve you a Poké Bowl. They have both Take Away options here and place to take a seat for this healthy meal. Serving in addition to Poké Bowls they're also sushi burritos here. Sushito also has options for catering. No sense to go to Sushito? Then have it delivered at home! Deliveroo, Foodora, Home delivery and Ubereats are happy to be there for you! Are you a real Instagrammer? Then join their monthly action and win a free Bowl or Roll.

Sushito De Pijp – First van der Helststraat 74, 1072 NZ Amsterdam (open daily 11am-21.30)

Sushito Oud West – Jan Pieter Heijestraat 127, 1054 ME Amsterdam (open daily 11am-21.30)


Poké Perfect

Poké Perfect describes a Poké Bowl as "Sushi in a Bowl". Everything they make is made with love. This tent has a menu that you can choose from or give the options to BYOB: Build Your Own Bowl. They offer both Bowls and Sushirittos on. With the Bowls is an option from normal and large and at the Sushirrito there is a one size fits all. In addition, Poké Perfect also offers side dishes such as soup and salad and desserts. There are also plenty of options with related: gluten, sesame, soy, lactose, nuts and also vegan options. Also here Deliveroo, Foodora, Home Delivery and Ubereats are happy to deliver to your home and also provide options for catering events. Poké Perfect has in addition to locations in the Netherlands, branches in USA.

Poké Perfect Amsterdam – Prinsengracht 502, 1017 KH (open daily 11.30-21.00)

Poké Perfect Amsterdam – Kinkerstraat 71A, 1053 DG (open daily 12am-21.30)

Poké Perfect Utrecht – Korte Jansstraat 17, 3512 GM Utrecht (open daily 11.30-21.00)


Another place for the Poké Bowl! Temakery is based in the pipe and sees itself as "Fast Casual Food" You can take a seat here, but you can quickly Pick up. It's easy, so! And healthy. Next to the Hawaiian Poké Bowls Korean, Vietnamese and Thai dishes are also served here. What then All? Poké Bowls, sushi wraps, handrolls and street food. Plenty of choice! You choose your style first (poké bowl, handroll or sushi wrap) and then it can be mixing. Add your base, protein, toppings, sauce & crunch. Here too deliver Deliveroo, Foodora, home delivery and Ubereats. So let's go!

Temakery – Ferdinand Bolstraat 128, 1072 LR Amsterdam (open daily 11.30-21.00)


Bowls & Buns

Jaaaa! As the name says it, they don't just Bowls, but also Buns! This healthy hotspot is of the same owners as Everything On A Stick. Bowls & Buns now exists just over a year and so a fairly young hotspot in this row. At this tent you have the choice to compose bowls yourself and therefore also choose from Bao Buns. A Bao Bun is a steamed bun from Tawai. This is filled in different ways, but a well-known variant is with pulled pok or pork belly. Often it is compared with the Bapao. Curious? So try! Bowls & Buns has a place in Market33, the foodmarket on the Zuidas. In addition, it can be obtained in University of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. Market33 is on closed Saturday and Sunday. Don't you live nearby? Not mourned, Foodora deliver them for you, too. Tasty!

Market33 – Zuidas, UvV & HvA Amsterdam


The Poké Market

And then our last favorite from this list: The Poké Market. The bowls here are served in a nice wood-looking bowl. After last year's success they started looking for a new location and on 20 July 2017 they opened on the Zeilstraat in Amsterdam. This location is really awesome! The walls are covered with flamingos and the chairs have the same pink color. They serve there, as they call it, Yummy Poké. What time is it? It's Poké Time! Last January they launched the new menu and on Instagram the recommendations of the chef are shared. So do you suffer from choices or do you just want to make sure you choose the best bowl? Check out their Instagram and believe me, before you know it you're already inside the Poké Market because it looks really good. Or of course you order it at home (via Foodora, Ubereats or Deliveroo).

The Poké Market – Sailing Street 34, 1075 SJ Amsterdam (open daily 12am-9.30pm, closed Monday)

These are our favorites. So, do you have a weekend Amsterdam and looking for a healthy poké bowl? Now you know where to go Are. We wish you a jammie weekend!


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