Nicaragua for adrenaline junkies

Are you like me a huge adrenaline junkie?! Keep you activities that secretly make you 7 colors of your pants? Where your heart shoot your stomach and let your stomach go from the rounds? Don't wait longer but read on…

Although you don't think about 'thrillseeking' at Nicaragua adventures', you will find these here! A small overview of the activities I have undertaken and which are really worth…

Canyoning in Somoto

Far north of Nicaragua you will find the Somoto Canyon. The canyon was only discovered very recently, in 2004, by a group of foreign scientists. Since then, the canyon has been used as a tourist attraction for the North of Nicaragua. The canyon is increasingly popular with tourists, because of the Canyoning tours. However, there are still bus loads tourists who don't know this, so ignore Somoto. Missed opportunity!

I get picked up for my canyoning tour at the bus station in Somoto. That's where the adventure starts! We are put in the back of the pickup with most of the group and are heading for our starting point. At the starting point, we can change. Bikini, (sports) clothing that can get wet and sturdy sneakers on. If you don't want your own sneakers to get soaked or break down (the stones in the canyon are sometimes sharp), you can borrow a pair of shoes. All the precious stuff in a special waterproof bag, life jacket and go with that banana!

We walk down a lot from the beginning of the canyon, to the part where the river also flows through the canyon. Not much later we climb and clamber over rocks through the water. To the point is that the river is getting too deep. From there, we'll be pushed through the river. If you float through the canyon on your back with the current, you can look up along the immensely high rock face. I feel so small! After a bit of bobbing through the canyon, we get to a rock we climb on. At the top we make our first jump in the water. This first point is not so high, but for those with fear of heights already a nice challenge! In this way we are moving further and further into the canyon, with the rocks we climb getting higher and higher. According to the guide, the highest we are going from as a group is about 7 meters high. Pretty exciting when you're up and you have to jump. The adrenaline rushes through my body, I doubt for a moment, but decides to take the plunge into the deep end! So cool when you win yourself at such a point!

Just down the road, the guide gestures to keep bobbing on the where we are. He and a few other guides climb all the way up to on the edge of the canyon. With somersaults and crazy jumps, they come, under loud applause from the waiting, from 20 meters high back down again. Brrr… not me Seen!

At the end of the tour there is a hot meal for us ready at the starting point. I'm and starving. This was a terrible fun sporting challenge! By the way, for the people who have a little less sporty, also an option to float on a rubber band through the canyon. You does not jump off rocks and do not have to swim such an end. There are even tours where you don't have to walk, but on a horse or mule the canyon in and out…


At the top of my bucket list, from the moment I Knew I was going to Nicaragua, volcanoboarding near Leon. I had read all about it. This promised to be spectacular! However also not without risk… there are people who seriously injure themselves or break a leg or arm. Often, however, these are the daredevils who go too far in their enthusiasm. Okay… a warned man counts for two, but nevertheless I really wanted to have experienced this myself!

As soon as I was in Leon, I didn't know how fast I had to book a tour. Through my hostel it was arranged so much! The next morning I was picked up at my hostel. It was quite a stretch of driving on farm roads to the volcano area just outside Leon. All around us is volcanoes. Arriving at the foot of the volcano we get a backpack containing an overall, a bandana, goggles and gloves. In addition, we get a board with us what we have to drag ourselves up. With some handy knotwork, my board hangs on my back in no time, so I have my hands free for the ascent upwards.  The walking tour can begin. And that's not easy! To get on top of the volcano, of course you have to walk all the way up first. In the heat and with the black volcanic sand and large pieces of volcanic rock, that's quite a spicy climb, but the guides take it easy so the whole group can come along.

Once upstairs we first get some explanations about the volcano and the surrounding volcanoes. After that, we all have to hoist ourselves into a very charming 'one size fits all' overall. After the instructions of the guide, I secretly cheated over the edge of the volcano. Whaaaa… what is this high?! Why did I want to get rid of this again? My heart is racing, but the only option is off the mountain on my board. Otherwise, I'm going to have to walk back that whole stretch. Take a deep breath, goggles on, bandana in front of my mouth, safety gloves on, sit on your plate and… gaaannnn!!

The nerves are quickly gone when I race off the mountain. What's this cool!! I'm going to go full for it and get a good speed on the way to Down. Once down, I've been pitch black despite all the protective Clothing. And actually, I'd like to go again. Addictive fun! Back in my hostel I spend a lot of time in the shower to get all the black volcano sand rinse. That's really everywhere! I app to my dad ("Go not too hard, darling? We know you a little…") that I tear unscathed I've come downstairs. 

Canopy tour

In San Juan del Sur I finally decide to take a canopy tour to end my journey through Nicaragua. Normally, a canopy tour is already nice, but this one was very special…

Via Da Flying Frog I booked a canopy tour. I was assigned to two American couples who were a little more old. Moreover, very American ("I just lóóóóve that!"). Nice, but not quite my thing. Luckily I also had two nice young guides with me, which I soon had the biggest fun with! At canopy, you decide your own speed. If you don't slow down much with your gloved hand, you go pretty some pieces. Because you go from tree to tree via platforms, you have to slow down in between. 

The guides who were with me soon realized that I like the adrenaline rush. So I was quickly challenged by them to cover one of them, secured to one of them. So cool! You literally hang upside down high in the jungle and look through the tops of the trees in the whole jungle. Really spectacular! When I was already hanging upside down still was enthusiastic and had a wide grin from ear to ear, I was ready for 'the next level'… This time secured on my back (and to one of the guides because of safety) I was allowed to make a free fall from the highest platform. Without sticking to the cable with both arms wide of the highest platform. What a nice feeling! Like you're flying! But then to a cable…

Unfortunately, my holiday was almost over by then, but at Da Flying Frog they have more spectacular activities. So take a look at a look at their site: www.daflyingfrog.com if you're in San Juan del Sur!

Love, Esther

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