New York, New York. Where should I start?

You always hear them say 'If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere', and so that was what I wanted; living and working in New York. This was my goal for a while, it had to and would work. January 18, 2017, i was standing all alone, in the middle of Times Square. This was the moment I'd dreamed about for so long, I really had to squeeze my arm, it was finally really true.

For the past year I have can live up to my dream in my favorite city, New York City. Sure this was the coolest experience of my life and I am very grateful that I This has been able to experience this.

I'm in the last have gotten used to traveling in my uppie for a few years, because I have for example lived in Barcelona, Milan, London and Madrid. Find in every city I take it every time to find nice new spots and take it to I'm going to get my way.

I like to share in this blog with you some of my favorite must-sees and hotspots of 'the city that never sleeps' that I have discovered over the past year.

First of all, my favourites in restaurants with number one sure jack's Wife Freda in Soho. This is an American-Mediterranean bistro that runs one minute from my apartment was sitting. Great food, fun atmosphere and also top to a cocktail to drink! For an Italian evening, Sant Ambroeus is definitely the trouble worth it, including in SoHo.

My favourite place to walk is definitely 'The Highline', which is a long-stretched elevated city park on an old tram way. Stop at Chelsea Market for Chicken & Waffles on the way for the perfect NY experience.

One of the most impressive i thought the Brooklyn bridge; what a beautiful in put together bridge. The best way to walk over it from Manhattan to Brooklyn and then walk there to Washington Street. In this street (wherever all well-known instagrammers/photographers/vloggers want to take a snap), have you it's right in the bridge right between the street. Then take the ferry over the water back to Manhattan for breathtaking views of the Manhattan Skyline. (TIP: Make sure it's during sunset, guaranteed goosebumps!)

For the best view of the city, you should definitely go to 'The Top of the rock' or the rooftop of Rockefeller Centre. Please note, there can be a very long queue, so order a ticket online to avoid this!

When you're done now With all the crazyness of Manhattan, take a look nearby "Williamsburg" on the outskirts of Brooklyn. Get a totally different side new York.' You can also visit here for fun vintage stores such as my favorite Bacon's closet.

Of course there are still 100 other places i can tell with great enthusiasm about, but that Still have you too good!


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