Camden Market London: from vintage to rave outfit

London has so many nice markets that as a newcomer you don't Know where to start. Camden Market is a very good start. Camden Market is a collection of different markets and therefore perhaps the most extensive. With over 1000 shops and stalls, you'll definitely find something which appeals to you. The offer is quite extensive and original: vintage, art, clothing, jewellery, tattoos, street food, but also futuristic fashion and rave outfits.

Make sure you have comfortable shoes on, because here you want to roam around for a few hours! Do you have a little less time? Then I'll tell you in this blog what the best places are at Camden Market.

Practical info

To visit Camden Market, take the metro to Camden Town (on the Northern Line). From there you walk in 5 minutes through Camden High Street towards Camden Market. The Camden Market is all days of the year 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Only on Christmas Day is everything closed.

In Camden Highstreet you quickly see the first exuberant murals and facades appear. Camden Market is so busy that shop owners try to stand out in this way. On an average About 100,000 people will walk on Saturday or Sunday. Yes, you have to do something. to jump out! The façades produce beautiful pictures and give a good vibe to the neighborhood.

Due to the crowds, it is not possible to visit Camden Market with a buggy. If you want to come here with young children, you'd better wear them.

Better shopping with a full stomach

If you want to eat something before you enter the market, walk when you get out of the subway, first to the left and then straight right into Parkway. On that street you will find restaurants from all over the world: from Japanese bentoboxes to vegan lunches with advocado, but of course also Indian curries and English pub food. If you haven't been hungry yet, you'll definitely get it here. By the way, you also have a lot of food stalls on the market so keep some room for other snacks!

Overview of the markets

Camden Highstreet is already the first market with mention Camden Market. This is actually the Buck Street Market with mainly Clothing. If you just come here, you probably think that's the whole market. but there's more. Camden Market consists of different markets:

  • Buck Street Market (with on the camden market façade): this is the first market you come across. Here they mainly sell a lot of cheap clothes and fake branded products.
  • Camden Lock Market: here you will find art and homemade, creative stuff.
  • Camden Canal Market: these are mainly food trucks with all kinds of snacks.
  • Inverness Street Market: this used to be the weekly market. Now there's a lot of stuff on offer.
  • Electric Ballroom: this is a entertainment venue that is decorated as a market during the day time on weekends. The offer here is special.
  • The Stables: this is an old horse hospital and my favorite!

The Stables

The Stables is an old stables complex where there were once more than 800 horses. Here were the horses that pulled the cars from Pickford's transport buses and boats. It also served as a horse hospital. The stables have been maintained. They are used as a shop or as space where you can sit to eat or drink something. In The Stables you will also find all kinds of food stall with street food.

Furthermore, this market has very special stores, such as the Cyberdog. This store sells futuristic fashion, rave outfits and cyber club wear. The music blows you out of your shoes from afar so you can't miss it! Dancers and dancers live out in their cage on the beats of electronic music that the DJ life mixes. Upon entering, you really enter another world because you suddenly walk into the dark, filled with fluorescent colours Also the sales staff hops through the dark store in fluoroclothing. If you were still looking for a separate souvenir then you will definitely find something special here!

Another special store in The Stables is Silvercyclone. This is located in one of the stalls, located in the stables on the right. Nigel, the owner, makes jewelry and money clips of old teaspoons. Isn't there the right design for you, but do you see a nice teaspoon? Then he likes to make it tailor-made for you. How original is that? A pastry fork as a ring? Furt
hermore, you will find many vintage shops in The Stables. In the middle of the stables complex there are tables where you can sit quietly and make everything work on you.

Amy Winehouse was here

In The Stables you will also find a statue of Amy Winehouse. If you walk around Camden Town, you won't be surprised that Amy is from this neighborhood. No other place matched her so well and no other place had probably made her who she was. She herself once called Camden Town her "playground." On July 23, 2011, she died not far from the Camden Market, at her home in Camden Square. Originally, the statue would be placed at the Roundhouse concert hall, a few meters from the market. There, Amy performed there for the last time in the UK on July 20, 2011. In that spot, however, the image would not be visible to the public enough, which is why it is now in The Stables where hundreds of people can see and remember her every day. The Roundhouse concert hall still regularly organizes special performances to commemorate the superstar from this district.

De vibes van Camden Market

I understand very well why Amy Winehouse loved Camden Town so much. Creativity hangs all over the air here. To ensure that the offer remains varied, the owners of Camden Market keep some of the stalls at Camden Lock Market available to new traders. So there is always some news to discover on this market.

It is advisable not to wait too long because there are rumours that chains of well-known brands will be placed at Camden Market. This would eliminate the quirky offerings of the boutiques and the atmosphere that now prevails.

If you don't have that much time, I recommend visiting The Stables and the Canal Market. No doubt you will also come across original shops, unique places or delicious street food that I have not described here. If you've found it, do you share them with us in the comments?

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