Tourist spots are not so my thing and that's why I write (almost) about it. Still, during a city trip it's nice to see and do certain things. I skip all the sights (often), but the following things we have done I can recommend without doubt: 

1). Walking in Boeda – Plague 

Budapest consists of Boeda and Pest. Almost everything is in Pest, but we are also a day trip to Boeda to climb the Gallértberg here, if you like walking is definitely recommended. Enjoy walking through nature uphill, eventually having a beautiful view of the city. Believe me, this is worth it (if you're an active man then).

2). Visit a Ruin Bar

Yes, that's really a household name in Budapest: a Ruin Pub. Everyone has advised us: visiting a Ruin Pub. These pubs originated after the fall of the wall. The its old, vacant and abandoned buildings that were transformed into Ruin Bars. They are actually bars with an alternative device which often consist of old furniture: incredibly creative and highly recommended! Budapest now has many ruins bars, there are some: Instant, Simpla Kert, Anker't, Uri Muri, Fogaz Haz (there are many more).

3). Ferris wheel 

My friend And I went to the Ferris wheel in the evening after a few drinks. With my fear of heights this was certainly not the best thing I did, but it was Exciting!

4). Brunch

This is what you need to actually do it when you're in Budapest. We have this every morning and it was a heaven over and over again. It is also not expensive at all, so eating outside the door suddenly becomes a lot more fun! I have the nicest toes briefly listed: Szimply, Kontakt, Fekete, London Coffee Society, Stika,

5). Eating hummus

Budapest is a great city for vegans. There are méga many vegetarian and vegan toes. Hummus & falafel is eaten super much. I'm really a mega big fan of falafel sandwich and hummus. We have visited 2 toes in Budapest for hummus and both were incredibly recommended: Hummus Bar and Olive Tree Hummus. Hummus Bar is a kind of chain that is everywhere in Budapest find its. You get a hummus plate with falafel and 2 here for about €5 pita buns. Olive Tree Hummus is in one word: great. Here are many fewer tourists and the food was even better than Hummus Bar. 

6). Shopping in Budapest 

We have in Budapest a lot of vintage and designer shops, I have them here for listed: – Lollipop Factory Budapest, Fashion Designer Shops & Art/Project Spaces – Store 5621 Vintage Menswear – Humana Vintage Butik – Antifactory – Ludovika – Szputnyik

Shop They! 

7). Bathhouse in Budapest 

We have consciously chose not to go to a bathhouse because we was strongly discouraged by the locals. The bathhouses are unhygienic and way too busy. It's really something that belongs to Hungary, so if you do this would like to do so I would recommend that you not go to the busiest and most famous, namely: Széchenyi, but another to choose from, ennnnnnnn: relax.

8). Drinking coffee

But first: Coffee. Budapest is really a heaven for coffee lovers. What's better in the morning than a good cup of coffee? We tried many and these came out as the best The Test: Magvető Café, Tamp & Pull Espresso Bar, Kontakt, London Coffee Society, Fekete. 

Have fun if you've got a trip planned!


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