5 x Coffee in Amsterdam, the favourite spots of 5 locals.

Coffee, coffee and coffee! Who doesn't like coffee? Black coffee, with sugar or with milk, flat white, cappuccino, frappuccino maybe? Or do you like hot chocolate more? Amsterdam is full of the nicest places to drink coffee. I asked 5 locals about their favorite place and of course also their favorite coffee!

If I wake up on Saturdayor Sunday, I think it's wonderful to have a cup of coffee with my friend or my friends drink somewhere. After a lot of coffee dates, we do know which coffee place we like and enjoy.

So are you in Amsterdam looking for good, cozy Coffee? Then 5 young people help you further by sharing their favorite Place. And believe me, they have a lot of coffee experience in Amsterdam.

1). Brewery Consolation

First of all Dirk Berkers shares his favorite place. Dirk is 23 years old and works at the headquarters of a large clothing brand. Since a year he lives in Amsterdam-Oost where his favourite place for a cup of coffee can be found: Brewery Troost. Why? Because you're actually for beer goes to the brewery, but there is just such tasty baking picks comforting Drink. "The interior is eclectic, just like in any hotspot, but a big advantage is that you overlook all shoppers in Oostpoort." And for his head black coffee Dirk doesn't have to walk far in the end.

Brewery comfort can be found in the Pijp, Westergas and in East. The brewery produces beer, spirits and lemonade in three monumental buildings in Amsterdam. The branch in the pipe was created from a former monastery, the second location is n the Westergasfabriek and the third location in East was opened last September with distillery. Each of the locations has its own brewpub!

Brewery Troost De Pijp – Cornelis Troostplein 21 – 1072 JJ Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-do: 16.00-01.00, fri: 16.00-03.00, Sat: 2pm-03.00, so: 2pm-00.00)

Brewery Troost Westergas – Pazzanistraat 25-27 – 1014 DB Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-do: 16.00-01.00, fri: 16.00-03.00, Sat: 12am-03.00, so: 12 am-00.00)

Brewery Troost Oost – Land of Cocagneplein 1A – 1093 NB Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-thu: 11am-01.00, fri-Sat: 11am-03.00, so: 11am-00.00)

2). Bar Louie Louie

Carmen's favorite place is Louie Louie. Carmen is 28 year and currently works at an HR company. Louie Louie was with her previous cottage around the corner and thanks to that reason, Loui Louie is her favorite Become. Nice close, good Reason. In Louie Louie it is very nice and warm at the moment and you have with the cold that currently prevails in the Netherlands and the service is super good. What else do you want? Coffee. What about the coffee, Carmen? "The coffee is good, but the atmosphere does for me most." Carmen prefers to drink black coffee oh and preferably in the morning.

Bar Louie Louie is located in Amsterdam-East and is daily open 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. and Fridays and Saturdays they are open until 3 a.m. So you understand that this place is even more has only coffee 😉 ! The bar is open for breakfast, lunch and in the evening you can get bar food that is inspired by South American cuisine and of course at the bar Hang. And you can choose whether you want to drink your coffee indoors or outside, they have a terrace! Bar Louie Louie is of the same owners as beer garden, Bukowski and Smokin' Barrels. So if Louie Louie likes you and you need even more inspiration, then look at them other hotspots.

Bar Louie Louie – Linnaeusstraat 11A, 1093 EC Amsterdam (opening hours: Mon-do: 09.00-01.00 , fri-Sat: 09.00-03.00, so: 09.00-01.00)


3). Coffee house De Hoek

Thijl is 23 years old and as an entrepreneur is working on a startup that makes healthy eating easier and faster. He also deals as an advisor and project manager with various IT projects. Coffee doesn't like Thijl but he likes to come to Koffiehuis on the Hoek on the Prinsengracht. Owners Ruby and Iris provide a perfect atmosphere and besides coffee (Thijl does not drink coffee) Thijl always likes to eat an apple pancake here. But what does Thijl drink? "Tea! Black tea. With far too much sugar."

Coffee house De Hoek is located on (how surprisingly) a corner van de Prinsengracht and is open every day until 16.00. A place where tourists and locals come together and are best known for its simplicity.

Coffee house De Hoek – Prinsengracht 341, 1016 HK Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-Fri: 08.00-5pm, Sat-so: 09.00-5pm)

4). The Laundromat

Xander is 24 years old and lives and works in Amsterdam. He currently works in the sustainable consultancy and lives in the pipe, which he says one of the nicest neighbourhoods is amsterdam. His favorite place is therefore located in the pipe: The Laundromat. The people of Amsterdam among us know this place. Xander can be found weekly at The Laundromat and he indicates that it feels a bit like his second home. The place is cozy and Xander shares also likes his favourite Laundromat sandwich, namely: chicken sandwich Avocado. The place is especially cozy because of the location. Especially on weekends, here a lot to do and sometimes you have to wait a long time for a spot. The coffee? They his newly switched coffee and Xander is happy with this. "My black coffee is better than before."

The Laundromat is really a classic for the local people Amsterdam. It is known for breakfast, brunch and lunch and many Amsterdammer goes here on weekends for a sandwich or a coffee. The you may have to wait a while for a table, because often there are many people lurking in front of a free table. At the Laundromat, you have to counter ordering and then your order is brought to the table. Getting to know "Hip Amsterdam"? Then this is the right place! You can both sitting inside like outside. Oh, and in the evening they're closed! 

The Laundromat – First van der Helststraat 27, 1073 AC Amsterdam (open daily 07.30-18.00)


5). Morgan and Mees

Danique is 22 years old and is currently doing an internship as part of its marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship study. Danique drinks undoubtedly the most coffee outside the door of all the locals in this list and has the most experience with coffee shops. Her favorite place is Morgan and Mees. She thinks this is because Morgan and Mees have a very fine and central location, within walking distance of the Jordan River. The terrace is very nice and the Coffee is TOP. Best thing about Morgan and Mees? The décor. The interior is really a picture. Her favorite coffee is cappuccino, she drinks outside (even if it is cold) with a cigarette and a smint. What a combination, huh? Morgan & Mees is not only a restaurant but also a hotel. You can go there for coffee, lunch, drinks and natural food in the restaurant.

Morgan and Mees – Second Hugo de Grootstraat 2-6, 1052 LC Amsterdam (opening hours of the kitchen: Mon-Wed: 08.00-22.00, thu-sat: 08.00-23.00, so: 08.00-22.00)

As an extra addition, I would like to share my own places with you, because they are really worth a visit. I myself am 22 years old and am setting up my own sustainable product line. My favorite place for coffee actually there are 2: Lot Sixty One & Coffee Room. They're both against each other, so if one is neither place, I go to the other. Lot Sixty One and Coffee Room are my favo's for coffee in Amsterdam. Lot Sixty One I would crown the best coffee and Coffee Room I would crown sitting for more fun and also a nice place to sit with your laptop. Both of them sat at my old house in the street, so I could walk (I love walking) towards it. My favo coffee is without a doubt a flat white with soy milk. Although I think a black coffee in the morning is a real spoiled moment.

Lot Sixty One – Kinkerstraat 112, 1053 ED Amsterdam (opening times: Mon-free: 08:00-18.00, sat-so: 09.00-18.00)


Coffee Room – Kinkerstraat 110, 1053 EC Amsterdam. (opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm, Sat-Sun: 09.00-7pm)


So these are the favourite places of local young people in Amsterdam. Do you have any other tips for us? Then let us know and we wish you a wonderful coffee moment!


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